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Up and Over Garage Doors with Pedestrian Doors Built in

Have a little think... How many times do you enter your garage, opening the whole garage door to only get something small or do something quickly and then close the entire door once again when leaving? How often do you enter and exit your garage on foot? Maybe you don’t even have a car in your garage and it is used as an extra room for your home? This is the case for so many people in the UK these days.


Consider a garage door with a pedestrian access door built into the main door panel, a ‘wicket’ door as they are generally called. Easy access in and out on foot with no trip threshold and actually in many cases fully DDA compliant.


The Garage Door Centre offers a wide range of up and over garage doors with a smaller pedestrian door access built in and in many cases those doors are wider than a normal pedestrian door making carrying in and out easy for everyone.

We can offer doors in steel and timber construction and many in both using a steel sub frame chassis with timber boarding in various designs but also in standard and made to measure sizes right up to 5450mm wide and heights up to 2375mm.


The pedestrian door can be either on the left or right hand side as suits the situation, but on larger sizes you can also specify the door to be central or offset, but they will always open outwards for obvious reasons.


Operating Mechanism and Automation

All up and over garage doors we supply with pedestrian doors built in will have fully retractable operating gear as standard, mainly due to the weight and the fact the balance is offset.


The retractable operating gear is perfect for easy electric operation upgrade using a boom style operator drive. When adding electric operation with a wicket door you must have a safety switch on the wicket door to prevent operation when the door isn’t closed fully. 


Most garage doors with pedestrian doors don't tend to have electric automation because by definition the garage is being entered on foot more often than not, but it is a possibility to upgrade if the situation changes ever.

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Hopefully it is very clear what the benefits are from having a hinged pedestrian door built into your main garage door? Enter and exit your garage without having to open and expose your entire garage each time. Entering your home might be through your garage to house access door and this is another way to help make that process easier. So many people have made their garages into offices, gyms, playrooms, store rooms, workshops and so on, having a pedestrian door is ideal for the daily use of this room but when you ever need to open the door fully for any reason then it is also possible.


We also offer pedestrian doors within sectional garage doors and obviously can do so with side hinged doors as well. With so many garages now not used for vehicles it is time to maybe consider changing your door for a door within a door…


Timber Up and Over Door with Pedestrian Access

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