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Teckentrup Sectional Doors

Teckentrup Sectional Garage Doors

The Teckentrup GSW40 range consists of sectional garage doors that are manufactured in Germany by Teckentrup to a very high standard and specification. The door is able to combine security, style and safety as standard, along with some unique features that make it the best door solution in many circumstances.

Teckentrup Sectional Styles

The Teckentrup GSW40 sectional doors are available in several attractive panel designs – Georgian panelled and Horizontal ribbed being the 2 most popular in the UK - both options are manufactured with 40mm thick, insulated steel panels.

Each door panel is finished with a woodgrain texture as a standard feature; this is pressed into the steel material before final finishing. 

There is however, also the option of a smooth, stucco or micrograin surface finish on most design options for a very different aesthetic effect to the front face of the door.

Teckentrup M-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door in Black Pair of L-Ribbed Sectional Garage Doors by Teckentrup in Black
Teckentrup Georgian panelled double width sectional garage door - Teckuntrup Teckentrup S-Ribbed Sectional Garage Door

Teckentrup sectional doors are available in a choice of three finishes – standard paint finish, high grade laminate woodgrain or polymer paint finish, all resulting in a beautiful, low maintenance and durable exterior. Teckentrup's sectional doors are built to last; they have a two year warranty on all parts and a five year warranty on safe and reliable operation. Plus, there's a further ten year warranty given on the exterior finish of the door. 

The electric motors offered all have a five year guarantee.

Teckentrup Sectional Door Designs 

Teckentrup Standard Ribbed Steel Sectional Garage Door

Standard Ribbed Steel

Teckentrup Centre Ribbed Steel Sectional Garage Door

Centre Ribbed Steel

Teckentrup Solid Steel Sectional Garage Door

Solid Steel Design

Teckentrup Classic Panelled Steel Sectional Garage Door

Georgian Panelled Steel

Teckentrup Georgian Panelled Sectional Garage Door

Georgian Panelled Wooden Design Steel

Teckentrup Centre Ribbed Wood Design Steel Sectional Garage Door

Centre Ribbed Wooden Design Steel

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Teckentrup Sectional Security Features

Teckentrup GSW 40 sectional garage doors offer excellent security as standard with multilatch two point locking and optional bolts on all manually operated doors. Patented, galvanised, wear resistant hinges make the interlocking door panel sections extra secure, with quadruple folded steel at all hinge fixing points for solid attachment of the hinges to the panel sections.

Each door panel section is incredibly strong by its design with double skinned high strength galvanised steel enclosing a rigid layer of environmentally friendly insulating foam in 40mm thick panels. The door when closed is held within the frame and tracks at 10 separate points to ensure a solid, tight fit with no obvious gaps for the opportunist thief to attempt to jemmy.

Teckentrup Ribbed double sectional door half openCarteck sectional door - internal viewSectional door panels have a seal inbetween each panelCarteck sectional garage door weathersealRubber seals on the perimeter frame

Rubber sealing is standard to the sides and head of the steel frame with a large rubber compression seal affixed to the bottom panel to prevent leaves, dust, rain and the like from entering your garage. The operation movement of a sectional garage door ensures very good clearance during opening and closing to give maximum use of garage length especially if keeping a large 4 wheel drive vehicle or van with a tall flat rear end.
The drive through width and height are also maximised when the door is fully open with an electric operator fitted.

Techentrup Sectional Colours

The standard colour most used is white paint finish. Most powdercoat RAL colours are also available and you will need to specify the exact RAL number when ordering. The colours below are 'trend' colours offering excellent value for money as a standard range of optional colours readily available from Germany.

Standard RAL Finishes

Flame Red RAL 3000 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Flame Red

RAL 3000

Jet Black RAL 9005 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Jet Black

RAL 9005

Moss Green RAL 6005 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Moss Green

RAL 6005

Fir Green RAL 6009 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Fir Green

RAL 6009

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016

Window Grey RAL 7040 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Window Grey

RAL 7040

Sepia Brown RAL 6014 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Sepia Brown

RAL 6014

Grey Aluminium RAL 9007 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Grey Aluminium

RAL 9007

Cream White RAL 9001 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Cream White

RAL 9001

White Aluminium RAL 9006 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

White Aluminium

RAL 9006

Steel Blue RAL 5011 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Steel Blue 

RAL 5011

Quartz Grey RAL 7039 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Quartz Grey

RAL 7039

Light Grey RAL 7035 - Teckentrup Sectional Garage Door Colour

Light Grey

RAL 7035


Special satin metallic effect Trend colours: 

TT 703Flecked Grey - Teckentrup Sectional

TT 703 - Flecked Grey

Grey with micarceous iron ore particles 

TT 8014Flecked Brown - Teckentrup Sectional

TT 8014 - Flecked Brown

Sepia Brown with iron ore particles

TT9011 is priced as Wood Design door finish and therefore does not qualify as a TREND coloured door.

RAL/BS colours

If the finished colour you require you require is not available as a standard Trend colour, we are able to coat our standard panels to a RAL or BS colour. For doors coloured in this way, doors are made and cut to size from white panels and then sprayed to the required colour.

The spraying process is of a very high standard but will not be as uniform as the pre-coated steel of Trend coloured doors. Any variations in sheen or density will, however, be minor and may only be visible at very close proximity or at oblique angles in strongy directional light. Effects of this nature should not be discernible from a distance of 3 metres - a standard set by the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation).

The surface finish is low gloss and it is customary to only colour the outer surface of the door, however the inner face can be coated to match as an optional extra.

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Teckentrup Sectional Safety

The Teckentrup sectional door is designed for absolute ease of operation with a unique multiple spring tension system ensuring a very smooth and easy operation at any of the available sizes, large or small. The door also incorporates a host of innovative and protective safety features to make it one of the safest you can buy. Double cables on each side and multiple springing support the door in the unlikely event of spring or cable failure, meaning the door will not drop and can still be opened or closed. The springs are also fully enclosed in trays at high level well out of the way of fingers. Interior and exterior finger protection also feature as standard on any Carteck sectional door, preventing dangerous narrow openings between panel sections during operation.

The springing system means that nearly every size of Teckentrup door only requires headroom of 115mm and will not need several structural fixings as required for front mounted torsion spring assisted sectional doors. This means the door is ideal for garages with little or no headroom to maximise the drive through height. Having many more standard heights to choose from also means you are more likely to get a door the full height of your opening rather than having to infill above a lower height door. In addition hand protection at the side of the guide rails prevent accidents between the frame and the guide rail from entrapment during operation.

Hand and finger protection with patented Teckentrup safety featuresCarteck finger and hand side protection standard on sectional doors operationFinger trap protection as standard

Electric Operation

All remote control electric versions of the Teckentrup are recommended to be installed with either the Teckentrup 260 belt driven operator or Teckentrup 270 or 280 versions of the operator. All electric operators offer safety reverse if an obstacle is hit in either direction or the optional extra additional infra red beam system to completely inactivate  the door if an obstacle is in its path. This is usually for doors likely to be used very frequently or near public paths and highways.

2 hand held radio transmitters are supplied for control as standard with further accessories available such as keypads, keyswitches, timers, finger readers and so on. All access control systems can be tailored to suit the requirements of the household and occupants using the garage with integration into other systems also possible such as electric gatres, awnings, lighting, etc.

Teckentrup Vision Sectionals

Innovative in aesthetic design, the Teckentrup Vision range consists of glass sectional garage doors. The door models make a significant style statement for any luxury garage, whilst utilising the reliability of the standard Carteck operating mechanisms.

The range consists of two door models; the SLX, a sectional with entirely sleek glazed panels, and the GSA, the same modern style with the incorporation of mullions, adding a different dimension of design.

Teckentrup SLX Vision Glass Sectional Garage Door Teckentrup Vision garage doors for luxury garage

View Teckentrup Vision sectional doors in Product Catalogue Download brochure for Carteck Vision sectional garage doors

Latest Teckentrup News

New Teckentrup windowsExtremely scratch-proof new-look glazing elements, wicket doors, TÜV-tested burglar protection, as well as quicker, cost-effective and solar powered drives – Teckentrup has expanded its range of CarTeck garage door products The company showcased all of its innovations in Munich in January.  More safety, more convenience, more choice of looks – Teckentrup presented a much further developed garage door range in Munich.
Wicket doors, i.e. pedestrian doors integrated in the main garage door, allow you to pop into the garage without having to open the main door. This is particularly useful if another entrance is not available. And the main door remains firmly sealed in spite of the wicket door: A threshold provides a continuous bottom edge. The one-piece floor seal runs across the whole width of the door, keeping rain, dirt, leaves, etc. out. The 45 mm threshold is also extremely low; and the door functions perfectly even on steeply inclined driveways, e.g. for garages located underneath properties.

Electrically operated doors have a safety contact which ensures that the main door can only be opened when the wicket door is closed.

The new extremely scratch-proof glazing elements are available in numerous shapes - from porthole windows to windows with glazing bars. They also allow sunlight to enter your garage and offer highly durable attractive architecture with a unique appeal. The high-quality aluminium frame of Type D and Type E are particularly elegant.

Burglar and accident protection are important security and safety features. cigarette lighter transmitterTeckentrup doors are TÜV tested: The independent German test authority confirms the burglar resistance of the electrically operated garage doors. Therefore, all CarTeck doors display the TÜV mark.

Furthermore, operational safety is guaranteed by a photo cell which is installed approximately 20 cm above the ground and stops the door as soon as the beam of light is broken. The components are fully protected inside the frame when the garage door is closed. The Teckentrup 5-point guarantee underlines the extreme durability of the doors; guaranteed for more than 10 years for doors with special high-performance springs (CarTeck door GSW 40).

Cigarette lighter transmitterThe new “speed” drive increases convenience: It can open a door in half the usually required time. The new CarTeck drive generation “2” reduces energy consumption in stand-by mode by 25% compared to conventional solutions.

And the new, flexible energy-saving lamps on the drive allow you to light up your garage perfectly. Drive retrofitting is usually possible. A rechargeable battery operated drive is now also available for garages not connected to the mains. The rechargeable battery can be simply taken indoors and charged overnight.

The environmentally friendly alternative: Power supplied from a solar module that can be installed on the garage roof.  Even remote control of your garage door is now easier: The new handheld transmitter “D323” plugs straight into your car’s cigarette lighter with no need for batteries, allowing you to open your garage door from the comfort and security of your car.

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