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Roller Garage Doors

The ultimate guide to Roller Garage Doors by The Garage Door Centre Roller shutter garage doors are one of the most versatile door options available; with smooth vertical opening and no internal tracks, they operate smoothly.

Manufactured with either steel or aluminium, the door is essentially a curtain that consists of slats that can roll around itself at the top of the door opening, aluminium doors offering insulation. They are often confused with a sectional type door which also rises vertically.

Our range of high quality made to measure roller doors can offer greater security levels, guaranteed safety, a huge choice of standard and bespoke colours and finishes and all the space-saving qualities. Most models are electrically operated as standard.

We have a wide variety of options dependent on your own requirements, and doors can be installed in various challenging applications!

The biggest benefit of a roller garage door is that it is extremely versatile in regards to the number of applications it can be installed to.

Plus, there are various high quality options for all budgets, lots of colour choices and all of the below...

* Made to measure as standard
* Energy savings when fully insulated
* Electric or manual operation
* Space saving inside and out
* No internal tracking
* A huge range of standard and bespoke colours
* Acoustic and thermal insulation properties
* 5-10 Year Guarantees
* Ideal for DIY projects
* Full service, survey and installation from our team

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We Help you Select a Quality & Secure Door

No Hidden Extras! 

All our electric roller garage doors include the following as STANDARD:

* Electric Operation with leading brand motor drives
* Minimum of 5 year guarantee and up to 10 years
* Made to measure sizes as standard
* Choice of high quality finished colours and laminates
* Emergency manual override in case of power failure
* Highest quality aluminium double skinned insulated curtain
* Anti fall back system incorporated for compliance
* Fully compliant and tested with certified documentation.
* Removal of old existing door and removal from site included




Top 6 Best Selling Roller Doors

hold to run electric door

Basic 'Hold to Run' Operation - No Edge Detection

Fitted price from £1,220 inc. VAT

Button operated, hold to run operation model, when remote handsets are not required.
Available up to a width of 3m wide and with a good choice of colours on a 55mm aluminium double skinned slat.
5 year guarantee and optional internal wall mounted control panel and external keyswitch control.

Remote Control Electric Operation with Bottom Edge Obstacle Detection

Fitted price from £1,980 inc. VAT

Basic remote control electric model with built in safety bottom edge obstacle detection in the bottom rubber seal.

Available up to a width of 5.2m wide and with a good choice of colours on a 77mm double skinned slat.

5 year guarantee and 2 handsets supplied along with an internal wall mounted control panel with courtesy light included.

Remote Control Electric Operation with Bottom Edge Obstacle Detection (High Specification)

Fitted price from £2,250 inc. VAT

High Specification remote control model with patented locking system and unique curtain connection method for ultra quiet operation.


Choice of colours and remote handsets at no extra cost. Available up to 5.6m wide. 77mm German manufactured double skinned curtain slats.


Smart control integration with optional control board upgrade. 7 year guarantee. 


Wall mounted control panel with built in LED courtesy light. Secure by Design approved.

Remote Control Electric Operation with Power Surge Obstacle Detection (High Specification)

Fitted price from £2,380 inc. VAT

Remote control with external motor drive and unique spring balance system for the easiest emergency manual override of any roller door.


Unique smooth face 77mm German manufactured double skinned curtain slats. 5 year guarantee. Available up to 5.5m wide.


2 handsets supplied with a choice of size, shape and colour.


Safety detection using power surge method with no bottom edge safety system required. Full hood cover as standard included.

Security Rated Remote Control Electric Operation with Safety Edge Detection

Fitted price from £2,450 inc. VAT

High Specification remote control with enhanced guide specification and patented locking system to offer SR1 security rating and secured by design accreditation.


Choice of colours and remote handsets at no extra cost. Available up to 5.4m wide. Quiet operation.


77mm German manufactured double skinned curtain slats. Smart control integration with optional control board upgrade.


7 year guarantee. 


Wall mounted control panel with built in LED courtesy light. LPS 1175 SR1 Rated.

High Security Remote Control Electric Operation with Safety Edge Detection

Fitted price from £3,500 inc. VAT

Very high specification NON INSULATED remote control door developed from a hurricane resistant roller shutter.


Unique patented single skin extruded aluminium slats with varying sizes from top to bottom enabling a compact coil/hood size of only 165mm x 165mm.


2 handsets and full aluminium hood cover as standard. Available up to 6m wide.


Wind class rating 5 (114mph) and Secured by Design as standard.


The perfect model when security is your top priority.  LPS1175 rated.


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Recent Installations for Inspiration

We supply and install roller doors every day. See below some installations or click here to view our gallery.


Security - What Makes a Roller Door Secure?

The simple answer here is high quality components and a proper locking system to hold the curtain closed firmly. Unfortunately the majority of domestic roller garage doors can be opened quite easily and quietly because they are literally like a curtain just hanging down off a barrel, meaning a simple lift from the bottom is all that is required to break in.

Properly designed and 'manufactured' doors will not only have high quality curtain guides to resist attack, German made curtain slats for strength and a proper system to hold the slats together as one curtain, but they will also have some form of locking system at the top around the barrel. The best example of this is in the Seceuroglide door developed from years of development and experience in previously manufacturing security shutters for doors and windows. The curtain is held closed by several reinforced solid sections fixing the curtain to the barrel. The curtain is also held down after closing by a steel bar which sits under a solid block either side, preventing the curtain being lifted by force.

Further confidence comes from products developed for security, the Seceuroglide Excel comes with an LPS1175 SR1 rating after independent testing for its effectiveness under a controlled attack over a set period of time. We offer other products with the same, or higher ratings too.

Make sure when you are buying any roller garage door you understand fully how the door locks when closed, because so many simply do not…

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A story from a local supplier

We are very often sent pictures and videos of real world installations, some of which are less than a year old showing how poor and easy it is to damage or break into a cheap, poorly constructed door. Roller doors are the most commonly seen.

The video here should speak for itself. Not staged in any way, it is just an installer removing a fairly new door to replace, which the customer realised wouldn’t be much use to him for security and was causing him issues on reliability.

As we keep trying to say, these types of garage doors have hundreds of small components and if a few or all of them are an inferior design or quality the door will very quickly become unreliable, but also be insecure too. Of all the door types available in the UK this one is the most susceptible to failure when it is of low quality and has cheap internal components.



Made to Measure with High Grade Materials

All our roller garage doors are made to measure as standard at no extra cost to ensure the best use of the garage aperture. They have the most moving parts of any type of garage door and therefore the quality and strength of every component is extremely important to ensure longevity and a safe and reliable operation for years to come. Too many roller garage doors are simply pushed on their low prices and obviously the low price is achieved by sub standard components, despite most roller doors looking very similar at first glance.

The easiest way to see a high quality roller shutter garage door is to compare a one year old cheap roller door to a good quality one. The cheap door, if it is still working, will visibly have many more scratches and potentially even creases in the low grade curtain. Cheap paint finish, low grade slat construction and a cheap barrel rolling system putting more stress on the curtain and therefore damaging it. Avoid...

Always best to go for the 77mm slats where possible as they are also considerably thicker and stronger. 100mm slats are available on specialist roller doors and also the single skin but very strong high security doors we offer have specialist varying size curtain slats

Safety as Standard

Any remote control garage door has to be built to a minimum safety standard to ensure the door reverses if it hits any obstacle during operation. ALL our electric operated doors with remote control operation have this feature as standard, with even further enhancements on safety for when the door is adjacent to a public footpath or highway.

A reliable system is also essential, tried and tested over many years and one which functions in all weathers and doesn't give false readings when infra red beams fog up, etc…

Of course, if you have an integral garage which is rarely entered and you don't need remote control we can still offer a ‘hold to run’ system where you will simply push and hold a button inside your garage to open and close as required.
Please note A hold to run remote handset is NOT compliant in the UK, even though they are appearing with claims they are OK to use.


Minimal Space Requirements

Most significantly, a roller door demands minimal space requirements. The vertical operation allows owners to optimise the length of their garage and driveway, as well as to park right up to the door with no obstructions when it is used. The opening mechanism also means you can safely park tall vehicles, like 4x4's, close to the door without obstructing the opening and closing of the door. 

The small size of the door's curtain roll means the door can be installed in locations that may have limited or obstructed headroom - a solution that other door types cannot offer. If you have an awkwardly placed meter, fuse box or internal door that may block garage door mechanisms, then a roller shutter door may be the answer.

The average curtain roll size is around 300mm-350mm in diameter, although this may be larger depending on the installation position and the material chosen for the curtain. We offer special models with a compact design using either smaller slats or patented variable size slats. We cna offer you a dor with a headroom requiremnt of only 165mm x 165mm!!

Most roller shutter doors are made to order, and can therefore be ordered to your exact specifications, whatever the size. Plus, unlike other door types, they can be fitted behind, inbetween OR in front of the opening!

Confused? Don't worry, with 36 years experience we can guide you through and help you select a quality, compliant, reliable and secure roller doorCall and speak to one of our expert team members today on
01933 229 135

55mm Insulated Curtain Slat

When headroom is restricted and a basic door specification is required, the 55mm double skinned aluminium slat model is a good choice.

The slat is 55mm in height and nowhere near as thick or as strong as the 77mm slat, but it will roll up into a smaller roll, meaning less headroom is required when you don’t have any or when the door has to be fitted underneath the lintel. Generally on a standard height garage this will require 210mm of headroom.

There are different qaulities and types of 55mm slat, but we only recommend one type which will come with a 5 year warranty. Remember, you thin kthey all look the same, but they are not...

A 55mm slat curtain will look quite different as a whole door because there are far more curtain slats involved, more horizontal lines less spaced apart.
It is only considered a low security rating and only available as a single door width up to 3m wide.


77mm Insulated Curtain Slat

The 77mm double skinned aluminium slat is the option most roller doors are made from, but again there are huge differences in the overall quality and therefore the strength and integrity when assmbled as a curtain. Quality of paint finish or foil laminating is also important.

Generally these slats are 19mm thick and the curtain roll within the hood and endplates is 300mm x 300mm on a standard height garage. This stronger slat means you can have door widths of up to around 5.5m wide and 3m high

The slat itself is insulated with a CFC free foam core adding strength too, but as a whole a complete door most brands do not offer a stated 'U' value as they are not tested in the traditional way and cannot be because of the small gaps which occur on any door like this.

We also offer a 100mm slat with a commercial background which does offer a stated and tested U value but has an even larger headroom requirement of around 450mm plus.

Electric Or Manual

Electric operation is by far the most popular and convenient but not everyone wants an electrically operated garage door and we have various manual options for you. Developed especially as a manual door with specific manual locking, we offer insulated and non insulated options in made to measure sizes and with a choice of colours.

Electric operated doors are usually built as remote controlled models, but there are so many ways to control the door other than a remote handset. External and internal switches, finger readers, coded keypads, card readers and a whole bigger world opens up when you incorporate smart control and shift to your smartphone or tablet where you can programme different triggers and take control from anywhere in the world.

A good quality and reliable operation is key to the main electric motor drive and we would recommend you look to only motors with at least a 5 year guarantee and always with a manual override in case of power failure.


Smart Controls

The concept of a smart home is now a very real and valuable investment and the costs have plummeted since the early days of smart controls. We can ensure that your new roller garage door is either smart home ready or include smart technology in the first place to provide control via your smartphone or tablet for a start. Using either Somfy technology of the Hormann smart controls you can always know the position of your garage door, control the operation and add additional hardware to provide video or other data from your garage, including intrusion out of normal hours, humidity sensors, lighting controls connected with the door and partial opening for parcel deliveries. Other items are also available but the journey simply starts with the integration of the control box for the roller door. Future proof your electric garage door…

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No Compromise on Build Quality

With so many moving parts in an average roller door the build quality and continuity of build quality and process is so important to ensure each door is the same quality as the last one made. Our roller doors are manufactured under strict factory procedures with various quality checks along the entire process backed up with a CE mark and declaration of performance certificate.

Long Warranty Periods as Standard

Always check the small print!! All our roller garage doors have a minimum of a 5 year warranty included and some parts up to 10 years.  So many roller garage doors are only offered wit a 2 year warranty which often requires a payment when there is a problem with the door with the promise of a refund if it is a genuine warranty issue.

We stand by the roller garage doors we offer and always have.

Endless Colour Options and Finishes

We don’t think there will be a colour that isn’t possible on our roller garage doors. Apart from a very wide choice of painted and laminate foil woodgrain and solid colour choices you can also specify a BS or RAL colour code for a special one off colour along with many other specialist colour references including Farrow and Ball, etc.

The quality and durability of the colour surface is definitely a factor worth paying for. Low grade paint finishes will simply fail quickly because of the wear and tear they endure during operation. Buy cheap and buy twice!

No Compromise on Build Quality

With so many moving parts in an average roller door the build quality and continuity of build quality and process is so important to ensure each door is the same quality as the last one made. Our garage doors are manufactured under strict factory procedures with various quality checks along the entire process backed up with a CE mark and declaration of performance certificate.


The best way to understand the differences on quality and overall appearances is to see a door in the flesh and is why our showroom is one of the busiest in the UK. We have 13 different types of roller shutter garage doors and many others on display and working for you to see and try as well as other door types.

The Garage Door Centre prides itself on its quality products, professional staff and expert knowledge. Our team have been with us for many years and understand all the relevant features required for the perfect package and a new electric door which will give you security, peace of mind and long lasting durability.

Come and see for yourself rather than taking our word for it….

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