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Teckentrup Garage Doors from The Garage Door Centre

Teckentrup have been a leading manufacturer based in Germany and have been operating for over 80 years producing reliable and secure garage doors. With a range of design options, customers can choose from different panelling styles, colours, and features to create a garage that is both stylish and secure. All Teckentrup doors are made with 40mm insulation and steel panels, ensuring comfort throughout the year. Additionally, Teckentrup now offers paint finishes in any colour with improved scratch resistance and UV stability to match your home perfectly. With Teckentrup, customers can trust in quality and dependable garage doors. 

Teckentrup have established themselves as one of the UK's leading garage door manufacturers, due to its commitment to customer service, high-quality products, and innovative designs. They have invested heavily in research and development to ensure their products meet the latest standards and regulations. As a result, Teckentrup have become the go-to choice for many businesses and homeowners looking for a reliable and stylish garage door.

Teckentrup sectional garage door

Exceptional Build Quality 

Teckentrup build their doors in Germany and the UK, creating the perfect harmony to produce the highest quality garage doors. With the Sectional door range made in Germany and Side Hinged Doors made in the UK you can be sure to get the best quality, engineering and materials when choosing your garage door. German manufacturing is know for the exceptionally high quality manufacturing and their influence on British made products is obvious when it comes to garage doors.

Impressive build quality meets innovative design, with a Teckentrup Garage Door you can be sure to have a fantastic looking door with all the security and safety to make it durable and last for many years to come. With Teckentrup being one of the Garage Door UK giants we are proud to offer their products and work closely with their team to offer you the very best quality and service. 

Ease of Use

Teckentrup present a range of electric motor driver systems to make using your garage door simpler and more convenient. Automating a garage door can improve accessibility and practicality of the space, and Teckentrup provide the ideal solution.

The motor driver systems are designed for fast installation and use, providing superior quality and efficiency for a range of garage door types. The motors can be easily controlled using a variety of remote-control options, from simple handheld remotes to smartphone apps, allowing users to access their garage remotely and with great ease.

Each motor driver system functions with safety features to ensure the all users are protected when using the garage door. Automation also eliminates the need for manual effort when opening and closing the door and providing a more convenient and comfortable experience.


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Teckentrup Door Styles

Teckentrup have been the leading German manufacturer of robust and secure garage doors. Customers can choose from a variety of design options and features to create the perfect garage door for their home. All Teckentrup doors are made with 40mm of insulation and steel panels to keep the temperature stable, comfortable, and sound-proofed. Choose from Sectional, Side Hinged and Entrance doors to transform your home and provide strength, security, and style.

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Sectional Doors

Teckentrup sectional doors provide a stylish and modern addition to your home, with the ability to choose from a range of features, colours, and woodgrain effects to ensure a unique and personal look that will flatter your home's aesthetic. Sectional Doors are proving ever popular among homeowners due to the modern aesthetics and broad options of styles and features. Include windows to further enhance the look of your garage with a library of options you can really personalise your garage door like never before.

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Side Hinged

Teckentrup presents a modern take on traditional side hinged doors, ideal for easy access for both pedestrians and vehicles. Constructed with 40mm thick aluminium panels, these doors can be personalised to fit the style and colour of your home. Create a look you desire with Teckentrup's modern side hinged doors.

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Teckentrup have fantastic strength and durable properties



5 year warranty on rollers, hinges, cables and standard springs, 10-year warranty on high-performance springs

10-year manufacturer's warranty on panels combining rust penetration 

10-year manufacturer's warranty against the separation between steel and foam 

10-year manufacturer's warranty on material and manufacturing flaws of all non-moving parts of the frames that are deemed unusable

10-year manufacturer's warranty on floor, intermediate, side and lintel seal against rotting 





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