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When security is important to you and your garage contents and you perhaps only require a manual up and over garage door then the ‘Guardian’ range is perhaps the answer?

The Guardian garage door range is a range of steel one piece up and over garage doors which are ‘Secure by Design’ accredited and they have been tested and approved to a standard which is getting more and more important in the UK right now. A security standard to give peace of mind for you.

What does Secured by Design mean?

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime' by use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a wide range of products and applications.

Only products which have been tested and meet the required technical standard can be awarded the Police Preferred Specification.

Research has indicated that Secured by Design product usage can reduce burglary by up to 50% and criminal damage by 25%. It is also important to note that 95% of the products tested by the LPCB fail, so the tests are stringent for all.

The Guardian range qualifies for 2 points under the Code for Sustainable Homes, a national standard for use in the construction of new homes which encourages greater sustainability. Guardian range doors come on a pre-fitted steel frame and cannot be fitted to a custom made timber frame. There is no mechanism to unlock a Guardian range garage door from the inside.

We now have an up and over door, roller shutter door and sectional garage door all with the Secured by Design specification to offer!

For further information on the Secured by Design initiative, you can refer to their website:

Garador, a manufacturer of high quality steel doors of many years, dedicate a range purely consisting of garage doors that have been tested and approved.


What gives ‘Security’ in a Door?

So many door and window products have a suffix or prefix using the word ‘security’, but what does it actually mean in reality? What might seem secure to you or me might not be so secure to another person, who has the right tools, knowledge or strength to easily break open.

The security of something in a house or commercial building really requires a standard to work and comply to or exceed, so that it can be described using the word security…

You need a ‘yardstick’ to measure the performance based on a timed test in a controlled environment. This gives a fair measure of the performance to expect by the buyer. The third party testing which exists in the UK offers the chance for manufacturers to test their products to various levels and then pass this certification on to buyers to offer reassurance of their worth and ability to perform.
So many doors of various types simply offer a modest resistance to being forced and with a little more effort can be forced open easily and quietly and it isn't just down to ‘multi point’ locking to combat this. The entire door needs to be structurally sound and robust before it is even worth adding multi point locking and even then the cylinder the locks feed back to also needs to be of a minimum standard to not be easily picked or broken to then be able to operate the multi point latches

The Guardian range offers a range of steel up and over doors that have been tested and approved with the prestigious 'Secured by Design' accreditation. This accreditation is gained by having a specific specification tested and approved by an independent body to give a rating. The Guardian Secured by Design STS202 standard door is an upgraded version of their existing steel up and over door. This door was already recognised as one of the strongest door builds for a one piece up and over, with the following specification built as standard:

Electric Operation

Electric operation on up-and-over garage doors is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and ease it provides. Retractable up and over garage doors are the easiest type of garage door to add electric operation to, as they are already fitted with a track mechanism. Electric operation makes it easy to open and close the garage door with just a press of a button, eliminating the need for manual lifting. This is especially convenient during inclement weather conditions or for those with mobility issues. With electric operation, homeowners can enjoy a convenient and hassle-free garage experience.

We can offer remote control electric operated garage doors with a higher level of security simply by using the manual locking on the door as part of the automated process. This is achieved with an active latch release device incorporated with the electric operator to give what is effectively 3 point active locking, all engaged and released automatically during door operation

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Key Security Features

Lock Body protection 

Lock body protection is an essential feature for any secure garage door. To prevent unauthorised access and tampering with the lock mechanism, a reinforcing plate is added to the rear of the garage door panel behind the lock body. This plate acts as a barrier, making it difficult for intruders to gain entry through the lock body. By blocking access to the internal workings and locking rod anchor point, the reinforcing plate ensures that the lock mechanism remains protected from external damage or manipulation. With lock body protection, you can rest assured that your garage door is secure and protected against unwanted intrusion.


Anti Snap Cylinder

When investing in a secure garage door, it's important to consider the strength and resilience of the lock mechanism. One crucial element is the cylinder. In standard garage doors, the cylinder can be vulnerable to snapping, which can allow intruders to gain entry easily. To address this issue, many modern garage doors are now fitted with anti-snap cylinders. These cylinders feature a sacrificial front that breaks off if an attacker attempts to snap the cylinder, rendering the lock mechanism useless.

In addition to the sacrificial front, the new anti-snap cylinder also incorporates other features that make it extremely difficult to compromise. This type of cylinder is designed to prevent entry even after an attack, providing added security for your garage and its contents. By upgrading to an anti-snap cylinder, you can rest assured that your garage is well-protected against intrusion. So if security is a top priority for you, consider investing in a garage door with an anti-snap cylinder for complete peace of mind.

High Security Bracing

Bracing on up and over garage doors help to reinforce the strength and durability of the door, making it more resistant to leverage and forcing. In particular, the number of braces on the rear of the door panel is crucial, as this area is often a target for intruders attempting to gain entry.

High security bracing on up-and-over garage doors involves increasing the number of braces on the rear of the door panel from 2 to 8. This significantly improves the door's resistance to leverage and forcing, making it much more difficult for intruders to gain entry. With additional bracing, the door becomes more rigid and reinforced, providing extra protection for your garage and its contents.

By choosing a garage door with high security bracing, you can rest assured that your property is well-protected against unwanted intrusion.


4 Point Locking

For those seeking high level of security for their garage we suggest four-point locking as an ideal upgrade choice. With four steel locking rods and four points of securing at each corner, 4-point locking systems offer maximum resistance to attack with crowbars and other items of force. Such measures make it almost impossible for intruders to gain entry through your garage door.

Four-point locking mechanisms works by engaging four steel rods into the locking points in each corner of the garage door. This provides a secure and sturdy anchor point that is difficult to break or manipulate. In addition, the locking points are typically reinforced with additional bracing as above and protective plates to ensure maximum resistance against forced entry.

Improved Lock Security

Improved lock security on up-and-over doors is a crucial factor for anyone looking to enhance the security of their garage. In addition to the four-point locking mechanism, additional steel plates have been added to protect each locking point in the corners of the door. These plates serve to reinforce the latches and prevent them from breaking or becoming dislodged even after extreme attack.

By adding extra steel plates around the locking points, the door becomes more resistant to forced entry. This is because the plates help to distribute any force applied more evenly across the door, preventing any single point from bearing the brunt of the pressure. This reduces the likelihood of the latches being compromised, ensuring that the door remains securely locked at all times.


Steel Sub Frame

When you purchase an Up & Over Garage Door, it will typically come automatically supplied with a steel fixing sub frame. This sub frame is designed to provide a secure anchor point for the door, ensuring that it remains firmly in place and unable to be forced open. With its robust construction and resistance to tampering, the steel sub frame offers excellent protection against intruders.

Steel sub frames also offer additional benefits, such as increased insulation and noise reduction. The solid construction of the sub frame helps to prevent heat loss and minimise noise from outside, making your garage a more comfortable and functional space along with enhances security.

Long Warranty Periods as Standard

Don't forget to read the fine print! Many of our up and over garage doors come with a 5-year warranty, with some parts even covered for longer. Unlike other doors that may only offer a 2-year warranty with the caveat of potentially having to pay for repairs upfront, we stand by the quality of our up and over garage doors. Trust in our commitment to providing reliable and durable products for your home.

Quality Garage Doors and warranty

No Compromise on Build Quality

At The Garage Door Centre, we work with top manufacturers that take quality seriously and adhere to strict factory procedures with multiple quality checks. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated through our CE mark and declaration of performance certificate. Trust us for top-quality garage doors for your home's security and aesthetics.

colour chart for up and over garage doors

Endless Colour Options and Finishes

Our Up and Over Garage Doors are not only durable and secure, but also come in a wide range of color options. Choose from woodgrain, solid colors, and heritage colors, add a vintage touch to any home's exterior. Investing in a high-quality paint finish is crucial for long-term durability and resistance to wear and tear.



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