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Designer Garage Doors

Designer Garage Doors at The Garage Door Centre

Individual tastes can be understood and catered for more than ever before with the many 'designer' garage doors from The Garage Door Centre. 
When we talk about designer doors we are generally talking about either some form of striking design element or the ability to actually design in your own style, whether that be in a colour or stainless steel element as well as windows, handles and raised features, all designed to make the door either more individual or to blend in with a current design on a property.

Whether you wish to match your front door to your garage door, or even just other architectural featurers of your property, we have a solution.

The range of options that are now available allow you to optimise the individuality of your garage and front doors due to the sheer amount of door types, colours and designs. The components that are found within our doors are of the highest quality for durability in our British weather.

Design your own garage door

Design your own garage door with The Garage Door Centre's bespoke services

Design your own garage door from a blank canvas in composite timber, exotic hardwoods or simply add designer elements to a basic steel design to individualise the garage door.

You are now able to choose from some fantastic contemporary designs, along with entrance doors to match, as well as choosing glazing, colours and furniture to make it your home's own. Various colours and finishes are available that enable your new doors to match window frames and other features of your home's facade.

With options from Hormann and their infill garage door service, and Ryterna allowing customers to design their own patterns for doors from scratch, the possibilities truly are endless.

If you're unsure how to optimise such oppurtunities, call our dedicated team on 01933 229135, where someone will be more than happy to help you out.


Facade Sectional Garage Doors

Facade Sectional Garage Doors         

Hormann have an excellent solution for a garage door that completely blends into its surroundings: the facade sectional garage door. This garage door is based on their tried and tested commercial specification ALRF42 commercial sectional door, with increased strength and springing mechanisms to take the weight of many different applied materials to the face.

The door can be infilled with a wide variety of materials in order to match, contrast or simply blend into the building design it is installed to.Hormann up and over facade garage door

The sectional door can be manual or remote control operated, and is made to order in sizes up to 6000mm wide and 3000mm high. Many access control systems can be used to suit your daily routines, as well as providing the very highest levels of security. Access control items such as finger scanners, digital keypads, timers and even GSM connected electronics allow control of your garage door from your mobile phone, even when you are not at home.

Homelink and IO compatibilty is now common place, and the latest generation of Bi Secur electric operators ensure the very latest technology for security and door status indication. Take complete control of your home and contents with our vast range of access controls and electronic gadgets.

Using timber, aluminium and other materials that have been used on the fabric of the building, stunning effects can be created, and you still have a fully operational door system to open up the whole entrance with minimal intrusion to the sides and headroom.

Hormann also have a vast range of traditional up and over garage doors from their N80 and N500 European range that give the capability of applying different materials to achieve the same effect of blending the garage door to the surroundings. Again these can be made to order and include everything you need, except the cladding material itself.


Matching Garage and Entrance Doors

The Garage Door Centre is a main specialist distributor of the Hormann aluminium and steel entrance doors as this has given us a vast range of doors that co-ordinate or match exactly the garage doors we have been selling now since 1986. Their strength and overall integrity makes them one of the highest specification for an entrance door of any material.

Matching front entrance and garage doors

Find out about matching front and garage doorsThe ThermoPro steel doors offer the very highest quality in engineering, with standard and purpose made sizes and side and top transom glazing elements for total flexibility in installation and specification to ensure individual tastes are always catered for.

Side elements, transoms, special electronic access controls and special finishes and glazing are just some of the features readily available with this very high specification door.


Domina Overlap Garage Doors

One of the very latest garage doors in our range of bepoke designer doors is the 'Domina Overlap'. This garage door is totally unique in its operation, with a counterbalance weight system lifting the door vertically, and the entire door panel dividing into two sections, enabling one to slide up under the other. 

The door is completely trackless, appealing to all those who do not want tracking coming into their garage, yet require a door that offers high levels of both insulationFind out about matching front and garage doors and security. Numerous colours are available for the Overlap, along with accessories and finishes.

The sleek and modern technologies of the door reflect its aesthetics, made up of clean, smoth lines, both internally and externally. 


Special Design Timber Doors

Almost any design can be routed into the front face of a timber sectional garage door. Using the latest state of the art routing machinery and the highest quality composite timber panels, you are able to specify your design, the factory will confirm the design with a CAD drawing and then produce the design in the door panels.

These doors are generally available up to 5000mm wide and 2375mm high in standard or purpose made sizes and in several timber species from Nordic Pine, Hemlock, Larch and European Oak to name a few.

         Special Design Timber Garage Doors

The ET500 is also a very special up and over door system capable of taking very heavy infill timber whilst providing one of the smoothest and quietest garage door systems available in the UK. See our ET500 feature for more details on this unique and special garage door.


Design Elements

Carteck micrograin sectional door with round window optionsMany manufacturers now extensively use stainless steel in combination with various glazing sections in twin walled polycarbonate or toughened glass for garage doors in most cases and double or triple glazed toughened glass with a massive choice of finishes for the entrance and side door options available.
Ryterna matching front and garage doors with design elementsThe actual finish of the front face of the door panels are also a big focus with the woodgrain embossed finishes ever as popular but the smooth silkgrain or even ridged 'micrograin' finishes becoming very popular on many types of property. 

The colour choices have been vast for many years but only recently did the extensive use of very tough laminate surface finishes occur with woodgrain effects first and then very recently finishes such as 'Titan Metallic' - a very slightly glittery metal effect finish which is very popular and will compliment many types of property, old and new.

It seems one of the driving forces in home design is 'simple and plain' and our sales of non patterned, totally smooth sectional garage doors has risen dramatically recently. The focus is all on getting the colour and surface finish correct as well as the subtle differences in linear spacing and door furniture finishes, and there are plenty of options believe it or not with very subtle differences.

Simple and clean lines often prove to have the best final results.


Designer Garage Door Range from Garador

The Garage Door Centre's extensive range of garage doors includes the Garador Up & Over Steel Designer doors.

Coloured option finishes are available, along with stainless steel elements on a high quality steel up and over door panel with steel sub frame options.

Click on the images below to view the product in our Product Catalogue, or view them all in the catalogue here.

Garador Up & Over Designer Door range - Style 100

Style 100

Garador Up & Over Style 101

Style 101

Garador designer up and over doors - Style 102

Style 102

Garador Up & Over designer range - Style 103

Style 103

Garador Up & Over Style 104

Style 104

Garador Up & Over Style 105

Style 105

Garador Designer up and over garage door range Style 106

Style 106

Garador Up & Over Style 107

Style 107

Garador Up & Over Style 108

Style 108

Garador Designer Up & Over Garage Door Style 109

Style 109

Garador Designer Up & Over garage door range - Style 200

Style 200

Garador Up & Over Style 201

Style 201

Garador Up & Over designer range Style 202

Style 202

Garador designer steel Up & Over doors Style 203

Style 203

Garador Up & Over Style 204

Style 204

Garador designer Up & Over garage doors - Style 205

Style 205

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